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Our Mission

Mission statement
Berrigan & District Aged Care Association will be a superior provider of services enhancing the quality of life for the consumers who entrust our Association with their care needs and requirements.

Our vision is to continually meet the needs of our consumers while respecting their freedom of choice. It is a priority that our consumers will be confident that they can access the care and support they need.


To allow our consumers the choice of service delivery

To accept the individuality of our consumers

To reflect the Association’s Statement of Respect as a fundamental part of our essence

To provide inspirational guidance so that consumers can select optimal services to meet their individual needs

To provide a nurturing environment that supports the growth and choice of the consumer within all service environments

To guide our consumers throughout their life journey.

Statement of respect
The Berrigan & District Aged Care Association is committed to equality, honesty, kindness and respect as part of our provision of services. It is part of our essence that we:

  • Celebrate diversity both within our Association and our community
  • Are concerned for the wellbeing of all people
  • Strive to provide choice and independence to all people
  • Aspire to promote the understanding of all people

We recognise the dignity and value of all individuals. To protect each individual, we oppose discrimination and do not condone behaviours outside of our code of conduct. We, as individuals, take responsibility and pride in respecting the individuality of all stakeholders.